One-time fee for a 7-room family dwelling*, condo, including garage
and basement that includes:

  • A survey of your home, reviewing with you the items that should be documented by a written inventory. We recommend including all contents in all rooms.
  • Professional digital images taken using both still and video media.  No limit on number of photos taken or needed.
  • After completion of our appointment we will send you a comprehensive written list of your property that will be transformed into an easy to read inventory list for your records. It will also include a CD and video record of your property. All presented in a professional zippered leather packet. Complete packet should be stored off premises such as a safe deposit box.
Additional Services available with Full Service Program:
  • There are no additional charges for updates to your list for one year. We will add or delete items at your request and send you the new documented list for your records. You can send us updates via E-mail, Fax or phone. We will keep a backup of all of the information in an offsite safe deposit.
  • At your written request via Fax or E-mail, we will immediately E-mail or mail any documentation necessary to your insurance company or police department for priority handling of your claim.

Full Service Program: $395.00*

* For larger dwellings, call for a free estimate.

For a brochure, more information or to make an appointment contact us at:
Phone: 252-672-4447 or E-mail us

Additional services available:

Do you have a vacation home in the mountains or on the coast. Ask about our secondary home inventory program.

Are you planning a move or putting your property in storage in the near future? We can document the original condition of your property before the move so there is no question of its' condition in the event of damage or loss.

Important: We are not certified appraisers and we will not represent you legally as to the value of your property as reported to us by you. We will be assisting you in a reporting capacity only.


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