About Home Inventory Specialists and our Services:

  • Home Inventory Specialists(HIS) serves North Carolina, Southern Virginia, and Northern South Carolina
  • HIS is Licensed, Fully Insured and Bonded 
  • HIS recognizes the importance of strict confidentiality and values it as our highest priority.
  • We guarantee in writing that all information HIS acquires will be kept strictly confidential and not used for any other purposes.
  • We are professionals that know what insurance companies and police departments require at the time of a claim, loss or theft.
  • We use the latest digital equipment for the highest quality documentation.
It is essential for every homeowner keep a documented inventory of their personal property. Failure to do so may cost you hundreds if not thousands in the event of a property claim. Property claims are settled with the "same kind and quality" premise. The policy interpretation is where the problems usually arise. It is assumed that families have color TV's, maybe even two or three. But what is not assumed is that you may have a big screen TV worth $7,000, a custom made dining room or bedroom set, made to order drapery or carpeting, etc. Property that falls into this category is not assumed by any insurance company. You will have to prove you had it in order to financially recover in case of a claim. Insurance companies will ask for an inventory, including description and value of damaged or stolen property. And, most important, they'll ask you to attach bills, receipts that justify the loss. Our written and photo record will be very beneficial at this time.

If you're like most of us, you buy things and put the receipt in a place in case you need it for warranty purposes. But in case of a fire . . . well, you know what can happen. Our service will prevent you from suffering a financial loss if a fire or theft should occur

We have a background in both personal property evaluation and the way claims are processed. We are licensed, fully insured, bonded, and we know what to do and how to do it.

We will provide you with:

  • A complete written inventory of all your property.Video entire home or business and contents.Digital photographs of non-standard items.
  • Give you a personalized presentation including:
    1. Easy to read inventory list.
    2. DVD of your home or business and contents.High-quality individual photos of selected items.
    3. CD of all photos on a non-rewritable disc. (can't be accidentally erased)
    Insurance policies will replace property with the "same kind and quality" concept of what you lost. But, if your property is valued above the "standard" rule, it's your responsibility to prove otherwise.

    We start by videotaping every room of your home or business to document your property. Followed by a complete digital photographic record of any property that does not fit into the "standard" rule referenced above.

    Other items that may have been endorsed on your policy or appraised and not documented above, e.g., jewelry, furs, collections, tools, guns, etc., will be recorded also. Even though they are documented on your policy, a digital record will greatly help in identifying those items if they were taken in a theft and later recovered by police.

    For the digital photos taken, we use a CD format for recording your property for two reasons:
    1. It's easy for insurance companies and police departments to view the information.
    2. CD's have approx. an 80 year life without data loss.
    Our representative will then sit down with you and make a complete written record of all of the above inventory documented and photographed, adding any other property to the list in completing the overall inventory of your home.

Here's what we do with your inventory data:

Our company also maintains an offsite safe deposit box as a backup. We will send you a written list of your inventory, a video record in DVD format and a CD of your written inventory. We will maintain a copy of the CD and written inventory offsite for you if needed for a claim. There are no charges for updating your written inventory list for one year. You can update your list by E-mail, phone or faxing us the changes. We will record the changes and send you the updated list.
Note: If additional photos are taken in updating your inventory, there will be a nominal charge.

See Our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Documentation Only Option:

We will process all the data and send you the inventory list, the CD and video record. Our company will not retain any of the information after you receive your inventory packet.

As part of our service, we can at the time of a claim and upon your request, send the photos and inventory list to the insurance company for priority handling of your claim or to the police department for identification purposes of your property.

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