"Because of burglary and arson on April 20, 2001, my family lost virtually everything we had earned through love and hard work over our 40-year marriage. Sitting down and trying to put on paper those 40 years of accumulation was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life. You simply cannot do it no matter how hard you try. Even if your memory is at full capacity during the time of horrible loss, your heart just won't let you verbalize it all, much less write it down. It's too painful.

We got the limits of our insurance coverage, BUT we discovered that we would receive less than 50% of the actual replacement value. We had not realized that we were under-insured. By the time we found out...it was too late.

Record it now...don't regret it later"

Patsy A. White
New Bern, NC


"Having dealt with losses and claims during Hurricanes Fran and Floyd and even severe theft and fire losses, had our customers had this service available to them prior to the loss, our agency would have certainly recommended it. This video service is a must for any homeowner, and makes settling a claim with the insurance company easier, headache free, and advantageous to the homeowner or business owner!"

J. Dal Snipes, CIC
Snipes Insurance Services, Inc.
Dunn, NC


"As a law enforcement professional, I have experience investigating crimes involving the theft of personal property. It is very frustrating when the police locate stolen property and a possible suspect but the property owners cannot identify the recovered items.
One of the best ways to help the police solve crime and get your property back is to insure that the property is properly marked and documented. Video taping, photographing and recording serial and model numbers is a sure fire way of having the information ready should the need ever arise."

Frank Palombo
Chief of Police
New Bern, NC


The flood of 1999 left our family and many others in a state of shock and disarray. Our church family and friends support at this time was incredible which helped us through this difficult experience. We couldn't however recount all the personal belongings that were discarded. If we had a complete inventory of our belongings prior to the flood, we would have had one less burden to contend with during this frustrating time in our lives. I would highly recommend having all your personal belongings inventoried because you never know when some unfortunate event might happen to your home."

Eddie Coats
Rocky Mount, NC


"This service could be an invaluable aid to litgants in domestic, fire loss and disputed estate matters. In addition, the information made available by Home Inventory Specialists could be of great assistance to persons handling settlement of estates and guardianships as well"

T.W. King
Attorney at Law
Rocky Mount, NC


"Having a total loss is something you never expect. I can't tell you how many people are not prepared for such a loss. I have been an independent adjuster for 8 years and every time I adjust a total loss, the insurance company requires us to get a total contents inventory list from the insured. I can assure you this is not something you want to handle after such a loss. I can't express to you how easy your insurance claim could be processed with the service Home Inventory Specialists offer. What a small price to pay for such a great service they provide."

Walter Smith
United Claims Service
Wilmington, NC


"Had it not been for a picture of a ring Home Inventory Specialists had taken in an inventory of our household possesions, I never would have gotten it's full replacement value from my insurance company, as I had lost the sales slip.

The Greatest service this inventory has been for me was its use in Probate Court after my husband's death. That inventory saved me hundreds of hours of work.

All of us think we know everything we own, but we would be hard-pressed to write it out on paper without being in the room when doing that task. Let Home Inventory Specialists do an inventory for you with pictures, you won't regret it!

Jean Spagnolo
New Bern, NC
313 Taberna Circle
New Bern, NC 27562
Phone: 252-672-4447

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